Bock It To Me: Goat Day 2018


Goat Day* hoves into view once again, and so it’s time to unveil this year’s Goat Day design!

I knew I wanted to honor 1968 in some way for this year’s design, since it was such a momentous year in American history.

But a lot of stuff that happened that year was a total drag.

So the design commemorates the 50th anniversary of an American comedy classic. WARNING: It includes very bad jokes.

Since this year’s Goat Day falls on le quatorze Juillet, there are also some nods to the French Revolution.**

And in honor of a recent bemusing incident at Brandywine Farm, there’s a salute to goats who manage to get themselves stuck in lawn chairs.

T-shirts–including some pretty groovy tie-dye options– & posters available here. The shortened URL is

Zazzle almost always has some sort of sitewide sale going on; the most current sale code can be found at the top of every Zazzle page.

(The design isn’t currently suitable for mugs or other small-format merch, but I’ll find some workarounds in the near future, and hope to offer those options soon.)

*A Goat Day explainer, for the uninitiated. The TL;DR version: My pals at western Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Farm host an annual, by-invitation-only party for their friends to celebrate the fact that baby goats are the Cutest Animals In The Universe.

The event is called, logically enough, “Goat Day,” and each year for the last several years, I’ve created some sort of culturally relevant design for the event.

**I have a dear friend who teaches high school French, and I feel she would want me to point out that, yes, okay, “J’accuse” actually refers to an event in French history which occurred ca. 100 years after the French Revolution, but I laughed for, like, twenty straight minutes after I first read it, so it’s in. Similarly, Delacroix’s painting “Liberty Leading the People” dates from 1830 & depicts a completely different revolution in France, but just go with it.



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