Vote Goat!

My design for my friends Heather & Ken's 3rd annual invitation-only "Goat Day" celebration. What's Goat Day? As Heather says, "Wait, you don't know about the traditional observance of GOAT DAY? How sad for you. But we can fix that. "Come play with adorable new baby goats. Try your hand at milking a goat if... Continue Reading →

Ninja Uterus Comics

Just in time for the Republican convention!This comic was conceived (get it? get it?) when the divine Deborah Harkness shared Jennifer Tucker's New York Times article "The Medieval Roots of Todd Akin’s Theories."During the ensuing discussion, author Alyssa Harad suggested we go back to the ancient notion of the 'wandering womb,' adding, "I want to send... Continue Reading →

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