Celebrating Pi Day with Chef Moe!

A black and white dog in a chef's hat and red neckerchief presents a literal pie chart of the best times to eat pie (spoiler: any and all times are the best times to eat pie)
Chef Moe says, “Any time is a good time for pie!”

Chef Moe hopes everyone is having a happy Pi Day, & reminds you that if you don’t have a chance to have some pie today, that’s all right: there are many, many other good times to have pie!

Since I created this literal pie chart, Moe has gone on to the Great Pie Shop in the Sky, but here is his story: Moe lived with our friends Heather and Ken at Brandywine Farm in western Pennsylvania, best known to fans of this blog as the hosts of Goat Day.

A few years back, we paid an overnight visit to the farm, and brought along a delicious pie from Gray House Pies, located in suburban Cleveland. (Unsolicited testimonial: if you are ever in northeast Ohio, consider visiting Gray House Pies, for the best pies you will have ever eaten.)

We had most of the pie after dinner that night. But the next morning, we were awakened by furious shouting from the kitchen downstairs. Moe — under most circumstances a Very Good Dog — had apparently been so utterly mesmerized by The Scent of Pie that he had grabbed the pan containing the remainder of the previous evening’s dessert from the center of the kitchen table, dragged it into another room, and ate every speck of that pie.

After that morning, whenever we came to visit, Moe always greeted us with a hopeful air: ‘did you happen to bring more pie?’ We often had. We brought him his own miniature pie for his birthday during the very last summer of his life (he very nearly ate the candle as well).

We miss Moe dearly, and hope he is enjoying every possible permutation of his favorite dessert in the Great Pie Shop in the Sky.

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