Love Me (Not Legal) Tender

A cartoonish drawing of a U.S. Jefferson nickel, on gray paper in shades of gray.
This coin is not legal tender, and cannot be exchanged for goods or services at any retailers.

It’s Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. Here’s a little thingie I made some years ago, ostensibly to help teach my great-nephew — then a pre-schooler or just starting kindergarten — about American coinage. (The original reads “In [my great-nephew’s name] We Trust”; I’ve blurred his name for privacy purposes.)

But it really stemmed from an occasion when we were at a restaurant and he was utterly scandalized, even at that young age, that I was drawing cartoon [= fake!] money on the placemat with crayons. I think he was both horrified and thrilled at the prospect of me being hauled away by G-men right in front of him.

Certainly not the most sophisticated artwork I’ve ever done, but it still makes me smile.

My great-nephew, by the way, is about to graduate from college; he is a bona fide physics genius, and will be attending graduate school to do whatever alarming things advanced physicists get up to. I can take no credit for his smarts, but can possibly claim kudos for his ability to identify U.S. currency.

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