Inktober, Day 3


Some more sketches for Inktober from my day at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo earlier this week.

Of course, I cannot say with certainty that the lion was actually thinking “Life is nice,” or even anything remotely akin to a human emotion, but he positively radiated a sense of contentment.

The Lady Ross’s Turaco lives in the aviary in the elephant section of the zoo. Only much later did it occur to me that it kinda-sorta resembles a much smaller Kevin from *Up!,* although I was delighted by it on its own.


Inktober Day 2


Over the summer, an old friend of mine — and how I hate the phrase “old friend,” but all the euphemisms (“friend of long standing,” et al) just make it obvious that you’re trying to avoid using the phrase “old friend,” which makes it worse somehow — but at any rate, an old friend I hadn’t seen in many years came to visit, accompanied by her young daughter, whom I had never met.

As we enjoyed dishes of ice cream at picnic tables over at Honey Hut Ice Cream*, somehow the topic of cartooning came up, and my friend’s daughter asked me to make her a drawing. After some discussion, she asked specifically for a drawing of “a cat doing a karate kick while eating Blue Moon ice cream.” My friend’s daughter takes karate classes, and also likes cats,¬† and Blue Moon ice cream, a flavor previously unknown to me, but apparently very popular in certain parts of the upper Great Lakes states. (Depending on whom you ask, it either tastes like bubble gum or cotton candy.) Also, during the discussion, I learned that the outfit worn by practitioners of karate is called a “gi.” I learn more things in the pursuit of drawing than I could have ever possibly imagined.

Anyway, the original drawing belongs to my friend’s daughter. I thought I’d do a more polished¬† version for Inktober. It has the added benefit of not having had sea salt caramel ice cream dripped on it.


*Honey Hut Ice Cream: one of BuzzFeed’s “27 Ice Cream Shops To Visit Before You Die,” July 2014