Vote Goat!

My design for my friends Heather & Ken’s 3rd annual invitation-only “Goat Day” celebration.

What’s Goat Day?

As Heather says, “Wait, you don’t know about the traditional observance of GOAT DAY? How sad for you. But we can fix that.

“Come play with adorable new baby goats. Try your hand at milking a goat if you want, or not. Sit on the porch and drink sangria. Play the ukelele. Bring food and/or drink to share. Eat a motherlovin’ smoked turkey. Take a walk in the pastures or woods. Go nap on the hammock.”

Heather and Ken’s dogs will also be there. Many of them are smarter than most people, but most people don’t hold that against them.  (Incidentally, Heather maintains a blog entitled Raised by Wolves, and if you’re at all interested in dogs, search and rescue, livestock, farming, biology, or life in the country, you should be reading it.)

But mostly Goat Day is designed to capitalize on the fact that baby goats are the cutest thing God ever made.  (Well, maybe they’re in a tie with puppies.)  This year, the cuteness will be well nigh unbearable, as Heather now has dwarf Nigerian goats, and their brand-new kids are ickle widdle twee little sweethearts.  I met two of the new baby goats a couple weeks back.  I picked one up.  It looked up at me with twinkly eyes and let out a barely audible “maaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaaa,” and it was all I could do to keep from running to our car, tossing it into the back seat, and taking it back home with me, fish-tailing out Heather and Ken’s driveway as I raised a cloud of gravel and dust. (Eventually, though, I suppose I’d have to come back and get my husband, and the whole incident would just become embarrassing.)

At any rate, Heather’s calling this year’s Goat Day “Goatterdammerung,” but I’d completed this design before I knew that. Frankly, I was childishly entranced by the fact that “Vote” and “Goat” rhyme, and didn’t want to wait another four years to take advantage of that fact. 

Some year, I hope Heather decides the theme for Goat Day will be “Goat Day: Electric Boogaloo.” 

Meanwhile, t-shirts in a variety of styles and colors are available.  I’m mindful that I’m posting this on the day the Republican National Convention is getting underway.  Goats are adorable, intelligent, curious, independent, and loyal … in short, seemingly everything most current Republican politicians are not.  Irony.



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