Wow, What A Tomato!


Presenting the “harvest” from our “garden” this year: one (1) tomato. I figured it deserved to be put on a pedestal.

Samuel Johnson once called second marriages “the triumph of hope over experience,” but he may as well have been talking about gardening.

We sliced and ate it last night, as part of a cheddar cheese & tomato sandwich on crusty bread. It was delicious.


Beautiful Ohio, or “The Mother of Below-Average to Outright Bad & Corrupt Presidents”


The daughter of a friend of a friend, along with some of her classmates, was assigned the task of trying to get postcards from each one of the 50 states. The first group to get to 50 wins pizza.

So I made a postcard for her. This was not as altruistic an act as it may seem, as I figured I’d spend the same amount of time shopping around town in an attempt to find a postcard (they’re hard to find these days) as I would making one.

Because this map was necessarily small, I had to leave out many Ohio highlights dear to my heart — theĀ Serpent Mound, Juno the Transparent Woman, Marion’s Mysterious Revolving Ball, the Oldest Concrete Street in America, the site of the first electric traffic signal system.

But I hope you enjoy the Ohio facts that are here.