A Greek Poet Walks Into A Tailor Shop…

Classicists find this hilarious. The Writer's Almanac points out that today is the birthday of the Greek poet Euripides. How they know this, I do not know, what with the scarcity of written records from that period, the many adjustments made to our calendars over the centuries, etc. etc. Nonetheless, I took it as a... Continue Reading →

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Mr. B. & I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago, in our typically low-key way.  We went out for a quiet dinner; but then again, nearly all our dinners are quiet, since we are both quiet people who are content to be with one another in a comfortable silence. (There's a... Continue Reading →

A History of Cleveland, OH in 50 Objects, #2 of a series: The Plum

Map borrowed from the Internet & altered/purpled by me; plum drawing also by me. Q:  What's the difference between Cleveland and the Titanic? A: Cleveland has a better orchestra. --popular joke, ca. late 1970s The latter half of the 20th century wasn't kind to the city of Cleveland. You know the litany:  river catches on... Continue Reading →

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