Christmastime is here …

Christmas approaches, and if you need a last-minute gift or two, there’s lots of new stuff in my Zazzle store, as well as classic designs!

New this year: products featuring individual members of Santa’s starting nine — Rudolph, Prancer, Vixen, & all your favorite reindeer on shirts, mugs, and ornaments. (At the moment, Rudolph is on a limited number of shirts, and Donner & Blitzen are only on mugs & ornaments, but as always, if you want one of my designs on a specific product & you don’t see it in my store, just ask!)

Also new this year: designs featuring my dog pal Moe –and his love of Italian leftovers, and pie — on a variety of kitchen essentials, including mugs, aprons, towels & magnets.

Some exposition may be in order: Moe lives with our friends Heather and Ken at Brandywine Farm in western Pennsylvania, best known to fans of this blog as the hosts of Goat Day.

A few years back, we paid an overnight visit to the farm, and brought along a delicious pie from Gray House Pies, located in suburban Cleveland. (Unsolicited testimonial: if you are ever in northeast Ohio, consider visiting Gray House Pies, for the best pies you will have ever eaten.) We had most of the pie after dinner that night. But the next morning, we were awakened by furious shouting from the kitchen downstairs. Moe — under most circumstances a Very Good Dog — had apparently been so utterly mesmerized by The Scent of Pie that he had grabbed the pan containing the remainder of the previous evening’s dessert from the center of the kitchen table, dragged it into another room, and ate every speck of that pie. Ever since that morning, whenever we come to visit, he always greets us with an air of hopefulness: ‘have you brought more pie?’ We often have. We brought him his own miniature pie for his birthday one summer (he very nearly ate the candle as well).

Then there was the weekend our friend Heather came up to Cleveland to visit her dad, who was recuperating after surgery. She brought along Moe to cheer up her dad. After Heather’s visit, she and my husband and I went out for a late dinner (Moe stayed in the van). Afterwards, because my husband and I love Moe and Moe loves us we wandered out to Heather’s van to get some quality Moe time. We (humans) all stood in the parking lot conversing, until it got too cold to stay out there anymore.

Heather put Moe back in the van, then carefully concealed her styrofoam box full of the braised beef & asiago tortelloni she hadn’t been able to finish under a pile of stuff on the floor beneath the front passenger seat, and shut the door. Then she remembered that she’d wanted to show us a feature of her (relatively new) van, mostly easily viewed via the sliding door on the other side. We walked around the van, Heather slid the door open, & all of us promptly began shrieking with laughter: In the approximately 15-30 seconds it had taken us to get to the other side of the van, Moe had

–smelled the braised beef & tortelloni

–rooted out the container from underneath all the stuff

–dragged the container to the back of the van

–eaten every last bit of braised beef & tortelloni, down to the very last bit of sauce

–returned to the front passenger seat in time to arrange his face into an expression of utter innocence.

None of us had laughed that hard in a long time.

Anyway, my previous designs are in my store as well, including great American women, mythical beasts and goat-themed designs.

There’s always a sale at Zazzle, so be sure to check the top of every Zazzle page for the latest discount code.

Looking forward to your visit to my store — thanks, and happy holidays! (And if you’re so inclined, please share this post with your friends!)









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