Day 1, #The100DayProject2019

Cat Constellations, real and proposed
“I have inserted between the Ship and the Cup a new constellation, a Cat… I greatly love these animals… I will have it engraved on the charts; the starry sky has tired me enough in my life that I can now have my fun with it.” –from a letter by Jérôme Lalande, translation by Ian Ridpath (


Today starts The 100 Day Project*.

Constant readers may remember I attempted this last year, and did not get very far.

This year is also not off to a boffo start. So here is some work; endpapers from a larger work-in-progress (I am hesitant to call it a book, but that’s what it is, albeit a very small one). It’s been “in progress” for a long time. It’s a surprise gift for a friend who really, really could use a nice surprise.

I feel vaguely as if I’m cheating by sharing something I’ve already done. But technically, sharing a work in progress is allowed by the unofficial rules of The 100 Day Project.

Come to think of it, this is a totally voluntary exercise within an endeavor with fairly flexible guidelines, so I just decided that I GET TO MAKE UP WHATEVER RULES I WANT. 


*The world today being what it is, there are two different sites for The 100 Day Project, not affiliated with each other and with slightly differing goals (and starting dates). I’m not sure which one came first — and actually don’t care, because the ideal for both of them is to MAKE STUFF EVERY DAY and that’s what I’d rather concentrate on:








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