Cleveland Scene’s 2021 Comics Issue: “Dwell in Possibility”

So how was your 2020?

Thrilled to tell everyone that I have a comic featured in Cleveland Scene Magazine‘s 9th annual comics issue, edited by Sequoia Bostick and Amalia DeGirolamo of Vagabond Comics; I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity. (Amalia created the tremendous artwork for the cover, seen in the image below.)

Cover of Cleveland Scene magazine's 2021 Comics Issue; art by Amalia DiGiralamo
To poorly paraphrase Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, it’s the “thrill that’ll getcha/When you get your name/
On the cover of the Cleveland Scene magazine.” Art by Amalia DiGirolamo.

The theme for the issue is “Alternate Realities” — which seems sadly apt in light of recent events. My piece is, I think, the longest and most challenging comic I’ve ever done — and certainly the most personal and emotional.

There’s a lot I could say about the last twelve months, but for the moment, I’ll let my comic tell the story.

I’ll just briefly add that I was aided in the making of this comic by ArchieCat, who loves to check out whatever I’m drawing, in this case — if you look closely — a cartoon Archie reacting angrily to a coronavirus invasion.


You can read the entire issue at the link above, and also via Issuu.

Physical copies of Scene are also available for free at a variety of places around northeast Ohio.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting what I do with a donation via Ko-fi. Thanks!

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