Heroes of the Pandemic!

“Giant ‘Superheroes of the Pandemic’ Holiday Grab-Bag.” Holbein Acryla Gouache, Posca paint pens, Rohrer & Klingner SketchInk Lotte fountain pen ink, and Plaid Delta Ceramcoat Glitter Explosion Clear Hologram paint on Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress 100% cotton watercolor paper (300 gsm/140 lb), 2020.

Once again this year, I’ve submitted a cover to the annual art show at Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop in Cleveland, Ohio. (This year’s theme was “Pandemic,” obvs.)

Over one hundred covers were submitted and are currently on display at C&J’s, where they’ll be raffled off on Sunday, December 20th. Proceeds will benefit the Greater Cleveland Food Bank; each dollar raised enables the Food Bank to create four full meals for food-insecure families (and there are so many people in need this year).

Raffle tickets are $1 USD each, and may be purchased via credit card or PayPal on Sunday, December 20th by calling Carol and John’s at 216-252-0606 between 12PM-5PM Eastern time. There will be one employee dedicated to processing phone orders for raffle tickets: If you’d like to have a chance to win my cover, please specify cover #7 when you call.

Images of all the other covers in the show are posted in 2 different galleries on C&J’s Facebook page:

Gallery #1

Gallery #2

If you see another cover you’d like a chance to own, feel free to buy more raffle tickets! The proceeds are going to such a good cause. (Have the cover number[s] of the cover[s] ready when you call.)

Winners will be drawn on Facebook Live at 6PM on Sunday, December 20th. (You don’t have to be watching to win.)

Thanks, everyone!

* * *

Some notes on Marvel’s Night Nurse: she started out — I should say they started out, since there were three different Night Nurse characters — in the 1970s as a character in a short-run romance comic series, a kind of a soap opera in comic book form, focused on three young nurses working in a metropolitan hospital.

But in the last decade or so, Marvel ret-conned Night Nurse; she still goes by the moniker “Night Nurse,” even though she’s an MD — she says “‘Night Nurse’ is just catchier than ‘Night General Practitioner.'” She runs a clinic in NYC’s Chinatown for superheroes, treating the injuries they suffer in the course of defeating evil.

Strictly speaking, Night Nurse — her real name is Linda Carter, ironically — isn’t a superhero, and doesn’t have special powers. But she is a total badass, and can hold her own in a fight.

I love her.


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