Donate to My Friend, Get Free Original Art!: #The 100DayProject2019

Cat dancing!
Swing cats!

Want to own a piece of original art by yours truly? Read on.

Simply put: my friend and college classmate Amy B. has Stage 4 colon cancer, and has some serious financial needs. Most recently, she had to raise $3,500 in order to obtain a portable oxygen concentrator that her insurance would not pay for.

Although that particular goal has been realized, Amy still has a gazillion other things for which she needs money. Perhaps most of all, she needs it for peace of mind: because it’s difficult enough to be seriously ill without having to worry about money all the damn time.

My “Night Cats” series, initially done to provide Amy with some hope and cheer, is based on Amy’s cats Jasmine and Layla, and they’re making a return in a special edition to help out.

If you’d like your very own hand-drawn Night Cats artwork, here’s what to do and how to do it:

–Go to Amy’s GoFundMe page.

–Make a donation of at least $20. (If you can’t afford that, I absolutely get it — drop me an email at the address below and maybe we can work something out, like me sending you a mini-artwork.)

–E-mail me (kellykomics [at] earthlink [dot] net) and let me know you donated.  (If you have never emailed me before, my Internet provider will send you a vaguely alarming spam warning. Don’t worry; I will receive your email.)

–You can enclose a screenshot of your receipt/donation acknowledgement, but you don’t have to. (I’m willing to assume that nobody would want my original artwork so badly that they’d say they donated to a cancer patient when they did not.) You will have to provide me with your mailing address.

–In return, I will send you a hand-drawn artist trading card, 3.5″ x 2.5″ — same size as a baseball card — featuring the design shown above. It’s a draft, and so the final design will probably differ. (Translation: It will look better.) Of course, since the cards will be hand-drawn, there will also be slight variations between the draft and, obviously, between each card.

I guess that’s it. If you donate, it would be helpful if you could send $1 or $2 my way to cover postage via my PayPal account or my Ko-Fi account.  But it’s not mandatory.

I would call this a “limited edition,” but I will make as many of these as people want: an “unlimited edition,” I guess.

But you may have to — as the old ads used to say — allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Hopefully less.

Finally, a personal plea from me: please review these guidelines for colorectal cancer screenings, and make sure you get the appropriate procedures if you’re due. Talk to your physician if you have questions or concerns!

Yes, colonoscopies — and preparing for colonoscopies — can be uncomfortable.

But I can guarantee you that colorectal cancer is much worse.


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