#The100DayProject: Day 1


“E. L. Doctorow once said that ‘writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.’ You don’t have to see where you’re going, you don’t have to see your destination or everything you will pass along the way. You just have to see two or three feet ahead of you. This is right up there with the best advice about writing, or life, I have ever heard.”

–Anne LaMott, Bird by Bird

I had a whole big thing I was going to say about this drawing, but the basic details will  suffice:

–There’s a story I want to tell (there are actually many, many stories I want to tell, but let’s just go with one at a time)

–It occurred to me that The 100 Day Project,* which starts every April 3rd, may be the ideal way to buckle down & do it, 1 panel at a time, allowing experimentation with various media, styles, &c.

So here’s my first entry.

Stay tuned.


*The 100 Day Project, as near as I can tell, supports and encourages any kind of creative endeavor by anybody –writing, drawing, painting, mixed media, sewing, fabric.  You do not have to have an overarching theme, or goal.  You do not have to start on April 3rd; you can start later.  If you skip a day, that’s okay.  Just pick it up the following day. Or the day after. What do you have to lose?



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