Ninja Uterus Comics

Just in time for the Republican convention!

This comic was conceived (get it? get it?) when the divine Deborah Harkness shared Jennifer Tucker’s New York Times article “The Medieval Roots of Todd Akin’s Theories.”

During the ensuing discussion, author Alyssa Harad suggested we go back to the ancient notion of the ‘wandering womb,’ adding, “I want to send mine out on secret ninja missions to take care of this kind of business.”  And then Alyssa made the mistake of musing, “Am now dying for a webcomic starring a ninja womb.”  

So, there you have it. 

Some notes: 

*There will be more to come, both in terms of plot and design, I think. I keep looking at Mild-Mannered Ninja Uterus and trying to figure out how I can give  hair done up in a bun. You know, so that when she goes all “Ninja Uterus SMASH!” she can cast her glasses aside and shake her hair out, in the classic superheroine tradition.

I keep debating this within myself, and am very close to concluding that, if I’m going to have an ambulatory uterus with legs and feet running around outside a body, at that point, I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want.  

Honestly, in a world where it seems that the sum of male Republican politicians’ knowledge of human reproduction from clandestine conversations on their elementary school playgrounds — or better/worse still, a late-night game of “Telephone” at a sleepover — the idea of an ambulatory uterus, with or without bun, doesn’t seem that absurd.

*Sometimes cartooning leads me into weird, weird, areas of the imagination; hence the earnest conversation I had last night with my husband on the topic of ‘considering that the original ninjas were mainly meant to infiltrate, and look as ordinary as possible, would a disembodied uterus actually wear the modern ninja costume ideal of all-black, with only its eyes showing? Wouldn’t that make stealth more difficult? Unless it were night?’

I told you it gets weird.  Of course, one of my favorite aspects of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that the only part of the ninja uniform they wear is their scarves/masks.  Because wearing a mask makes a giant bipedal turtle carrying a martial arts weapon less identifiable. 
*If your sperm/semen is the shade of green depicted above, please consult your physician. 

Update, August 27th, 8:45PM: Apparently uteri are on the loose.  Seek shelter! 



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