Lizard People

Lizard People (not to be confused with the Lizard People of Reptilian Conspiracy Theory)

There’s a Peanuts comic where Lucy van Pelt, lounging on Schroeder’s piano, says, “I have a book at home that has a picture in it of Lincoln bowling … Do you think Beethoven could have beaten Lincoln in bowling?”

Schroeder says, “Good grief! Why do you ask such stupid questions?”

“I like to speculate on such things … it makes history come alive,” Lucy replies.

This is pretty much my only explanation for this drawing — well, except to add that I realized many years ago that I liked Pride & Prejudice‘s Elizabeth Bennet so much because I was positive she’d be okay with being called “Lizard.”

When I first started committing this to paper, I placed Queen Elizabeth II in the “no” column.

But recent events made me reconsider: anyone who carries a marmalade sandwich in her handbag probably wouldn’t mind a silly nickname.

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