Vagabond Comics Issue 12!

Future, Past & Present, Panel 1

I’m thrilled to say that my comic “Future Past and Present” will appear in Vagabond Comics upcoming issue “20/20”!

The editors of Vagabond Comics describe the theme of this issue like this: “This book includes 20 comics about hopeful futures, new growth, and doing our best to do right by ourselves and those around us as we move forward. It features robots, beautiful gardens, a talking rabbit, and so much more. We hope it will be a balm of positivity to help you keep looking ahead during these increasingly uncertain times.”

Pre-orders are open until April 22nd.

Physical copies are $10 each, plus shipping and sales tax (if applicable), and available via Storenvy.  They’ll ship around the end of May/beginning of June.

Digital copies are $5 each on Gumroad and will be available immediately after pre-order period ends on April 22nd.

And 50% of all pre-orders and sales will go directly to all 20 contributors appearing in this issue.

I’m so excited!


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