Glow In The Dark Things Are the Best Things: Day 22, #The100DayProject2019

glow in the dark pencil sharpener with glow in the dark pencil
“I’m your only friend/I’m not your only friend/But I’m a little glowing friend/ But really I’m not actually your friend/But I am.” –“Birdhouse in Your Soul” lyrics, They Might Be Giants


Confession: I kind of have a … thing … about objects which glow in the dark.  This fascination might have its roots in my childhood fear of the dark, but at heart, I just think GITD items are super-cool. I would paint my house in glow-in-the-dark paint if it were possible.

Recently, the folks at Blackwing pencils introduced a special edition of glow in the dark pencils “in tribute to libraries and the hope they represent.”

I love


–pencils and all manner of art supplies


and I coveted these pencils with all my being. To my utter delight and surprise, a kind and generous friend sent me a box as a gift, and let me tell you, they are just as glorious as you would imagine high-quality pencils from a leading pencil manufacturer, which commemorate libraries and ALSO GLOW IN THE DARK could be.

But it took me a full five days to realize I was totally missing the opportunity to combine two great things in my possession that go even better together.

So, herewith I present a drawing of “Booh-Booh,” my glow in the dark ghost pencil sharpener from the German pencil sharpener company KUM, who is designed to hold a pencil in his ectoplasmic hand, ACTUALLY HOLDING A GLOW IN THE DARK PALOMINO BLACKWING PENCIL.

And when I was done with the drawing, I overlaid it with J. Herbin’s Phosphorescent Ink so that THE DRAWING OF THE GLOW IN THE DARK THINGS ITSELF ACTUALLY GLOWS IN THE DARK (albeit very slightly)!

[spikes metaphoric football into imaginary end zone]

I have placed the pencil sharpener and the pencil on my nightstand, so that when I turn my light off before going to sleep, I promptly see the ghost beaming like a cheerful little glow in the dark grenadier. And then I start laughing out loud–because it is just so fabulous– and that tends to wake my husband up, but then he starts laughing because he knows exactly why I’m laughing, and all of that tells you pretty much all you need to know about me and my life.

Incidentally, Field Notes’ “Haxley” notebook/sketchbook set is on my nightstand as well.  The covers of both, as you may have already guessed, have elements that GLOW IN THE DARK.


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