Night Cats, Day 10: #The100DayProject2019

“And if you drop in there/
You might see anyone in town/
Goin’ to a go-go…”

This was actually the first page I completed for Night Cats. I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post how delightful it is when a normally serious cat goes utterly ga-ga over a simple toy.

Today I’ll note that it is equally delightful when a normally serious person — not a  person without humor, you understand; I think it would be unwise for a truly humorless person to attempt to own a cat — interacts with her or his cat in a silly, playful way.

Night Cats is dedicated to my friend A.B., whom I have observed gaily “dancing” with her cat, all the while praising her cat’s white-stockinged hind legs as her “little white go-go boots,” in the kind of voice one can only use when talking to a beloved feline.

The mental image stuck with me.  Plus, I kind of liked the idea of an independent Night Cat going out and having some fun once her official Night Cat duties have been attended to.

Materials: Canson Mi-Teintes paper (black); Posca paint markers.


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