Who Ya Gonna Call?


Every year, my farmer friends Heather and Ken have a party for their friends to celebrate the fact that baby goats are the Cutest Animals In The Universe. (It’s true.) It’s called, logically enough, “Goat Day,” and each year for the last five years, I’ve created some sort of culturally relevant design for the event.

Ain't Afraid of No Goats
They’re here to save the world.

Well, there really was only one possible design for this year.

There are two variations — one features Slimer, the ancient green pickup which has been a legendary, stationery, monument on the grounds of Brandywine Farm ever since its owner left it there to roam the world.

You can even see Slimer from space! (See Fig. 3, below.)

The goats love Slimer — he  serves as their personal jungle gym/climbing wall — and, well, with a name like that, there was no way he could not appear on any Goatbusters-themed design.

Fig. 3: Slimer, visible from space

The other design is Slimer-free, for those who aren’t inclined to explain the in-joke to others.

Anyway, these designs are now available on a variety of products in my Zazzle store. (The shortened link is tinyurl.com/AintAfraidOfNoGoats.)

My previous designs for Goat Day–as well as additional, one-off goat-themed projects–are also available in my store.

Incidentally, the film which inspired this design has caused a stir in certain quarters, and I sincerely hope that this parody doesn’t, you know, ruin anyone’s childhood. Although on this point, I agree with Melissa McCarthy’s assessment: “I think their childhood was pretty much ruined already. If this broke it, it was pretty fragile to begin with.”








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