Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them On Car Magnets and Nightshirts

Oval car magnets featuring class animals
Oval car magnets featuring class animals

Good news and bad news. Good news: car magnets and nightshirts are now available in my new store over at Cafe Press.  (My Zazzle store still exists — but Zazzle doesn’t offer oval car magnets or nightshirts, so…)

Thanks to my friend and classmate Mary for the nightshirt suggestion!

Bad news: the phoenix class animal design is delayed until sometime next week, which means the design featuring all five class animals will also be delayed. (Long story short: I’m awaiting the arrival of necessary materials & there’s been a shipping delay. #CartoonistProblems.)

Again, these designs/products have no official connection to, and were not designed/created with the approval of, Mount Holyoke College, the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association, and/or any MHC class or organization.



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