Millions of Emus: Day 16, #The100DayProject2019

My eyesight has been terrible for most of my life; trying to read headlines on the internet has done nothing to improve it. I realized within a split-second, of course, that the actual headline I saw was "French billionaires, companies pledge millions of euros to rebuild Notre-Dame," but the mental image conjured by my initial... Continue Reading →

Night Cats: Day 15, #The100DayProject2019

The cover for Night Cats.  The paper is Nepalese lokta paper, handmade & hand-printed (not by me!) with metallic stars, moons, and suns. I drew the Night Cats directly on the cover with Posca markers; the Lokta paper is kind of absorbent, which is why they look a little fuzzy. Their pose is cheerfully borrowed... Continue Reading →

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