White House of Horrors

I don't know who that anonymous Senator is, but I want to thank him or her. She-Wolf of the Lower Chamber! Tremendous witches! The best witches! The pizza from the national chain is for the journalists! Everywhere, apparently. That's a corn snake. They're harmless and beneficial. A follow-up to 2016's "Trump Tower of Terror." I... Continue Reading →

A Real Van of Worms

I have about eleventy billion things I need to be doing, so naturally I spent most of this evening getting inspired by a typo in a friend's message from earlier today, and noodling around with a stylus and a drawing app on my new cell phone. (My friend and I agreed that "van of worms"... Continue Reading →

Donate to My Friend, Get Free Original Art!: #The 100DayProject2019

Want to own a piece of original art by yours truly? Read on. Simply put: my friend and college classmate Amy B. has Stage 4 colon cancer, and has some serious financial needs. Most recently, she had to raise $3,500 in order to obtain a portable oxygen concentrator that her insurance would not pay for.... Continue Reading →

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